Tomato Strong Seedling Test of Prohexadione Calcium



Tomato is widely cultivated in the north and south of China. It is thermophilic and has less stringent requirements on soil conditions. It grows well in fertile loam with deep soil layer, good drainage and rich organic matter. Tomato fruit is rich in nutrition and has special flavor. Can be eaten raw, cooked, processed tomato paste, juice or whole fruit canned. 

Tomato before flowering, it is prone to excessive growth, resulting in tomato stems weak, long pitch, flowering late and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out reasonable control, control vegetative growth, promote reproductive growth, and cultivate strong seedlings. Therefore, ZS-CHEM crop-tech team carried out a tomato seedling test in April 2021 at the Crop Chemical Control Engineering Technology Research Center in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

Tomato strong seedling test of prohexadione calcium

Test time and place: April 9 to April 29, 2021, Zhengzhou Crop Chemical Control Engineering Technology Research Center, Henan Province 

Crop variety: tomato 

Test product: 15 %Prohexadione calcium

Test methods: Nine tomato plants with the same growth trend and seedling age of three leaves were selected for each treatment. The test agent was diluted to the specified dose with water and sprayed. The leaves of the plants were sprayed wet but not dripping, Spray twice and interval 10 days. Natural plant height was measured from the base of the tomato stem to the top growing point.

Experimental result: The plant height and its growth of tomato treated with ZS-CHEM scheme were significantly lower than those of the control group in numerical values. The plant height of tomato treated with ZS-CHEM scheme at 14 and 20 days after treatment were 23.22cm and 32.00cm, respectively, while those of the control group were 26.61cm and 37.50cm respectively. In terms of plant height growth, the total growth of ZS-CHEM treatment from day 0 to 14 and day 0 to 20 were 12, 22 cm and 21.00 cm, while the control treatment was 14.83 cm and 25.72 cm, respectively. In addition, at 20 days after treatment, it was obvious that the leaves of tomato under ZS-CHEM scheme were significantly greener, the leaves were thicker, the node spacing was shorter, and the overall plant height was significantly lower than that of the control.

Table 1 Comparison of Effect of ZS-CHEM Scheme on strong Tomato Seedling Test


Plant height before treatment

Plant height after 14 days

Plant height after 20 days

Growth of plant height in 0-14 days

Growth of plant height in 0-20 days















Figure 1 Prohexadione calcium Treatment on the Day of treatment

Figure 2 control on the Day of treatment

Fig. 3 Comparison of plant height between Prohexadione calcium treatment and control treatment after 20 days 


Fig. 4 Comparison of stem length and leaf color between Prohexadione calcium treatment and control treatment after 20 days

It is recommended to use 100-200mg/L Prohexadione calcium to control tomato seedling growth, which can effectively control seedling growth and promote tomato seedling health.