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Thidiazuron ICAMA: PD20172141 CAS NO.:51707-55-2 Chemical Name: 1-thiadiazole-3-(1,2,3,-thiadiazol-5-yl)thi  TDZ Chemical Formula: C9H8N4OS Molecular Weight: 217℃(decomposition)


Plant Growth Regulator Raw Material

Product Description


ICAMA: PD20172141

CAS NO.:51707-55-2

Chemical Name: 1-thiadiazole-3-(1,2,3,-thiadiazol-5-yl)thi  TDZ
Chemical Formula: C9H8N4OS

Molecular Weight: 217℃(decomposition)

Physical and Chemical Properties
The pure product is a white, odorless, tasteless crystalline solid. The melting point is 217℃ (decomposition). The solubility at 25°C is (g/L): dimethyl sulfoxide>500, dimethylformamide>500, cyclohexanone 21.5, acetone 8, methanol 4.5, ethyl acetate 0.8, hexane 6, insoluble in Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, solubility in water is 31mg/L.

Function and Characteristics

Thidiazuron is used as a defoliant in cotton cultivation. After being absorbed by the plant, it can promote the natural formation and detachment of the separation tissue between the petiole and the stem. It is a good defoliant.
1. After using thidiazuron, it can cause the cotton plant itself to produce abscisic acid and ethylene, which will lead to the formation of an abscission layer between the petiole and the cotton plant, causing the cotton leaves to fall off on their own.
2. Thidiazuron can quickly transfer nutrients to the young cotton bolls in the upper part of the plant while the leaves are still green, and the cotton plant will not die, achieving multi-effects of ripening, defoliation, increased yield, and increased quality.
3. Thidiazuron can make cotton ripen early, and cotton bolls will sprout relatively early and concentrated, increasing the proportion of cotton before frost. Cotton does not get caught in the shell, does not shed lint, does not fall off, increases fiber length and improves clothing content, which is conducive to mechanical and manual harvesting.
4. The efficacy of thidiazuron lasts for a long time, and the leaves will fall off when they are green, completely solving the problem of "withering but not falling", reducing the pollution of leaves to machine-picked cotton, and improving the quality and efficiency of mechanized cotton picking operations. .
5. Thidiazuron can also reduce the damage caused by later pests.


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Company quality concept: quality is the life of the enterprise. We also have ISO9001.ISO18001.ISO14001 certificates.

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1.ZHENGZHOU ZHENGSHI CHEMICAL CO., LTD, a professional manufacture and exporter, focuses on the research, development and production of Plant Growth Regulator, Pesticide and Fertilizer.  

2.ZHENGSHI CHEMICAL is the only manufacturer that can produce Prohexadione calcium TC in China. It has more than 700 employees including 67 researchers. 

3.ZHENGSHI CHEMICAL has always been adhering to the core of “innovative technology, at your service”. 


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According to GLP laboratory standards, ZS-CHEM has built a 2000 square meter Henan Crop Chemical Control Engineering technology Research Center. The research center is equipped with advanced scientific research equipment, which can intergrade the research of raw material plant growth regulations, formulations and application scientific technology. 


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ZS-CHEM has two production bases, Xiayi branch 32,000 square meters, built a high standard quality inspection center, modern preparation production workshop, automatic preparation production line, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse. Hebi branch 146,000 square meters, including the original drug 7 production workshops, warehouses and exhaust gas treatment equipment RTO. 


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