Prohexadione calcium Effect of control overgrowth in Guangxi



Rice is an important food crop in our country, and rice is also one of the staple foods eaten by people. Therefore, the market is very large, so there are many farmers planting rice. With the development of rice industry and the popularization and application of hybrid rice, high-yield rice has become the goal pursued by many farmers. However, due to various reasons, low rice yield is still a problem of in most areas. So to increase rice production, the key is to master some methods and skills.

Overgrowth of rice often leads to weak stem and lodging in the later stage. Therefore, it is necessary to control its growth in the early stage to ensure strong seedlings and strong stem. ZS-CHRM has been deeply cultivated in the direction of crop control and increase production for many years, and has the development and technical production capacity of prohexadione calcium and the application technology. In order to clarify its effect on varieties in Guangxi region, this experiment is carried out.



effect contrastLeft, control treatmentRight, prohexadione calcium treatment

effect contrastLeft, control treatmentRight, prohexadione calcium treatment

Effect of prohexadione calcium on rice overgrowth control

Test time and place: May 18, 2022, Baiyu Town, Tianyang County, Baise City, Guangxi Province

Crop Variety: Rice (Tai Feng You 208)

Test agent: 15% prohexadione calcium

Usage: Use once at tillering stage of rice and foliar spray

Test result:: After using ZS-CHEM scheme, the plant height of rice was significantly reduced, lodging resistance increased, seed setting rate was high, and the yield was significantly increased. The average plant height of rice was 14.34cm lower than that of the control, and the yield was 56.29kg/667m2 higher than that of the control. There was no adverse effect on heading of rice, at the same time, the yield was increased, and the income of farmers was increased.

Table 1 Plant height and yield Effect of prohexadione calcium on rice


The average height  

65d after treatmentcm

667m2 yieldkg

Acontrol treatment



Fprohexadione calcium treatment





control treatment

prohexadione calcium treatment

The experimenter took samples in the field

predicted yield

Using prohexadione calcium could control prosperity and prevent lodging, reduce plant height, promote nutrient reflux and increase yield. The sensitivity of rice to prohexadione calcium is difference if different rice varieties and different temperature, the dosage of is different, 15% prohexadione calcium generally use 5-40g/L each 667m2(In low temperature areas, the dosage is 5-10g/667m2, and in tropical areas, the dosage is 20-30g/667m2) , so it needs to be verified in a small range before promotion and application.