The Effect Experiment of Prohexadione Calcium on Fuji Apple Overgrowth Control



Fuji apple is brightly red, moderate fruit weight, flesh tight. And it is more crisp and sweeter than most other apples. Fuji apple has 9-11 % monosaccharide, and has longer storage time. In room temperature, it can be stored at least 4 months. So it is loved by the world’s consumers.

The spring shoots vigorous growth period of apple is also the period of young fruit growth period. During this period, vegetative growth and reproductive growth occur simultaneously. Problems such as poor ventilation and light transmission often occur in orchards, also with luxuriant branches and leaves. All these problems lead to blocked fruit expansion, insufficient nutrition supply and poor flower bud differentiation in the next year. Therefore, it is necessary to control prosperity in a timely manner in this period.

Prohexadione calcium is the most widely used control agent on apples, which has good effect and short residual period. In order to verify the effect, ZS-CHEM Crop-Tech Department carried out the test of Prohexadione calcium control spring shoot growth in Luochuan County, Shaanxi Province, in April 2022.


Overgrowth ( poor ventilation )

Overgrowth ( scattered tree shape, poor flower bud differentiation )

The effect experiment of prohexadione calcium on Fuji Apple overgrowth control

Time and place: April to June 2022, Luochuan County, Yan 'an City, Shaanxi Province

Variety: Yansan

Application method: 15% Prohexadione Calcium dilute 1000-1500 times, backpack electric sprayer whole plant spray after flowering

The effect: Prohexadione Calcium was used three times in a row, with an interval of 10 days, which could effectively inhibit the growth of branches, with an inhibition rate of 20 %, and promote flower bud differentiation without affecting the normal growth of fruits.

Table2 Growth of spring shoots after 3 times of application


10 Days after the first Application (cm)

14 Days after the second application (cm)

32 Days after the third application  (cm)

56 Days after the third application  (cm)

Prohexadione Calcium





Blank Control







The effect of prohexadione calcium on Fuji Apple spring shoots control 

(Left Treatment, right control)

Prohexadione Calcium 100-150mg/L, Using three times in a row after flowering, can effectively control the vigorous growth of spring shoots, regulate the balance between vegetative growth and reproductive growth, promote fruit expansion, alleviate the phenomenon of on and off-year, and promote flower bud differentiation.