Experiment of Prohexadione Calcium on Overgrowth Control Effect of Crimson Grapes



Crimson grape taste sour and sweet crisp, loved by consumers. Crimson grapes are diploid Eurasian species, growing strong. In addition, Crimson grape mainly use V" shaped frame in production, and it needs applied more fertilizer. The branches grow vigorously upward, especially before flowering. Manual Pinching off Shoots is time-consuming and labor consuming. Vigorous branches growth is not conducive to fruit growth. Therefore, new shoots are often controlled by chemical agents to achieve the purpose of saving labor and inhibiting vegetative growth.

The commonly used control agents in the production are paclobutrazol, uniconazole, calcium cyclamate etc. But the cost of uniconazole is high, and paclobutrazol because of the long residual time in the field are not conducive to the growth of grapes in the next season. Therefore, there is lack of a set of control schemes with good effect, moderate price and short residual time in the large-scale production of Crimson grapes. The effect of prohexadione calcium on grapes is not clear. In view of the above problems, ZS-CHEM technology team carried out Crimson grape control test in Xichang City, Sichuan Province, the main producing area of Crimson grapes.

15 % prohexadione calcium on Crimson overgrowth control after flowing

Test site: Kangning Village, Anning Town, Xichang City

Date of use: April 23, 2022

Test agent: 15% prohexadione calcium

Test method: When the length of new shoots within 3cm, spray the upper shoots and leaves uniformly with a dose of 200-500mg/L. Spray again at an interval of about 7 days. Twenty shoots were randomly labeled in each treatment for measurement.


Fig. 1 The length of new shoots in the two treatments was basically the same before application

Fig. 2 Significant difference between the investigation treatment and the control 5 days after administration

Table 1 Average shoot growth in 5 days after treatment with different concentrations


prohexadione calcium

Blank control

Shoot growth in 5 days after treatment



Test result: when there is no significant difference in the initial shoot length, we can see that the new shoot length treated by prohexadione calcium was significantly lower than that of the control, as shown in Table 1. It is concluded that the proper concentration prohexadione calcium can effectively control the vigorous growth of Crimson shoots, and it is safe and harmless.

Grape overgrowth control should be combined with the period and climate. And reasonable control should be carried out in the critical period of its growth to ensure high yield. The use period and dose should be adjusted flexibly according to the actual local weather conditions and grape growth conditions.