Experiment of Prohexadione Calcium on Watermelon Control Effect



Watermelon is an indispensable fruit for people in summer, sweet and juicy. In the planting process of watermelon, the control is an important part of cultivation management, especially the flowering and fruit setting period. If the watermelon excessive vegetative grow at this time, watermelon tires lack sufficient nutrition and weak, even reluctantly sitting melon, the yield will low. If we use measures to control the growth of vines during the Vine elongation stage, the watermelon vines will grow about 5 cm per day after treatment, which can transform vegetative growth into reproductive growth. The melon embryo will get more nutrition, not only easy to sit fruit, but also lay a solid foundation for later high yield.

In order to verify and demonstrate the control effect of prohexadione calcium, ZS-CHEM Crop-Tech Department carried out the demonstration test of prohexadione calcium in June 2022 in the field, in Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Experiment of prohexadione calcium on watermelon control effect

Test time and place: June 8, 2022, Bayannaoer City 

Crop variety: Xisha No.1 

Test agent: 15% prohexadione calcium

Test method: In the early flowering stage of watermelon, spray the whole plant stems and leaves when the main vine about 60 cm long, each treatment randomly selected 15 plants to mark, and mark the length of the main vine, analyze the difference in growth.

Test result: the growth of watermelon main stem treated with prohexadione calcium was significantly lower than that of clean water control. The average growth of the treatment was 5.72 mm, and the average growth of the water control was 10.29 mm. Compared with the control, prohexadione calcium can significantly delay the growth of watermelon vine and increase the fruit setting rate.

Table 1 • Effect comparison of watermelon control experiment


amount of growth(cm)

Prohexadione calcium


Clear water control



Applying pesticide

Treatment area on the day of treatment

Control area on the day of treatment


Treatment area after 5 days of treatment

Control area after 5 days of treatment

Watermelon excessive vegetative needs to pay attention to the period and dosage of prohexadione calcium. we suggest that when there is a phenomenon of vigorous growth in the early flowering stage and fruit setting stage of watermelon, using prohexadione calcium 100-200mg/L, and spraying the whole plant can effectively control the vigorous growth of watermelon plants and promote the transformation of watermelon from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. We suggest that different varieties in different regions should be tested in small areas before being popularized..