Prohexadione calcium demonstration of strawberry flourishing control effect



Strawberry, originated in South America, China, Europe and other places widely cultivated. In the growing season, the growth rate of strawberry is very fast, its petiole will gradually elongate, the leaves will be more and more large, light color of the leaves, thin leaves, crowded together with each other. The large leaves will influence light transmission and ventilation, easy to occur pests and diseases, and also influence the flowering and fruit of strawberry, so that the fruit rate decreases, the fruit becomes smaller. Therefore, it is necessary to control the growth reasonably, control vegetative growth and promote reproductive growth. In March 2022, the crop technology department of Zhengshi Chemical carried out a demonstration experiment of strawberry control in a strawberry shack in Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province, one of the main strawberry producing areas.


Experimental observation                                                    The overall growth of the strawberry


Prohexadione calcium demonstration of strawberry flourishing control effect

Test time and place: Black fish Bubble village, Taiping Ling town, Zhuanghe city, Liaoning province, March 7, 2022.

Strawberry varieties: Hongyan

Test Product: Jintiao(15%Prohexadione calcium)

Test Method: The Jintiao was diluted to the specified dosage with water, and the whole plant was sprayed with an electric sprayer. The petiole length of 15 new leaves was 5.5cm in each treatment, and mark the newly expanded leaves of the new leaves, and measure the petiole length of the new leaves. Note and analyze the difference in the amount of growth.

Test Result: The petiole length and growth numerical value of strawberry treated with Zhengshi scheme were significantly lower than those of the contrast. The petiole length of new leaves at 8 and 13 days after treatment were 10.37cm and 11.60cm, respectively, while those of the contrast were 13.79cm and 16.73cm, respectively. In terms of petiole growth, the total growth of Zhengshi protocol on day 0 to 8, day 8 to 13 and day 0 to 13 were 4.66 cm, 1.23 cm and 5.89 cm, while the contrast protocol was 8.51 cm, 2.93 cm and 11.44 cm, respectively. In addition, at 13 days after treatment, it was obvious that the new leaves of strawberry in Zhengshi scheme were significantly greener, thicker, shorter petiole, and the overall plant height was significantly lower than that of the contrast.

Sheet Zhengshi scheme strawberry flourishing control effect compare


0day new leaves petiole length

8daynew leaves petiole length

13day new leaves petiole length


 new leaves petiole length growth


 new leaves petiole length growth


 new leaves petiole length growth


Zhengshi scheme

















13days contrast                                         13days Zhengshi scheme 


13days contrast                                       13days Zhengshi scheme

13days contrast and Zhengshi scheme effect

Attention should be paid to the period and dosage of drug use for strawberry growth control. Generally, 50-100mg/L should be chosen. The appropriate dosage should be chosen according to the local climatic conditions, the growth of strawberry, the time of early and late period of strawberry growth control, and the temperature at that time, so as to avoid adverse effects such as drug damage.