6-Benzylaminopurine(6-BA) Promote the waxberry enlarge and yield increasing effect demonstration



Waxberry belongs to a small tree or shrub of the genus Myrica in the family Myrica, class Magnolia. High quality waxberry fruit can contain 12-15% sugar, 0.5-1.0% acid, rich in vitamin C and various amino acids. At the same time it usually grow in the southern hillside dry land in China, the environment and soil requirements are not strict, waxberry has sour and sweet fruit and the market price is high. The market has requirements on the size of waxberry fruit. At the same time, in order to improve the yield and increase the size of fruit, farmers often want to promote the expansion of the fruits.

In order to further demonstrate the expansion scheme of myrica rubra, the technical team of Zhengshi Chemical carried out a demonstration in Shiping County, a large county of waxberry plant cultivation in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

Expansion scheme effect demonstration of bayberry 

Test time and place: On March 13, 27, and April 11, 2021, Doumiancha village, Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Varieties: Myrica rubra

Application method: Fruit about 1cm in diameter, 6-Benzylaminopurine(10-20mg/LAfter uniform dilution, the whole plant was sprayed with a knapsack electric sprayer.

Application effect: At 16 days, the average grain diameter of the contrast was 13.84mm, and that of the waxberry enlargement scheme was 15.44mm, which was about 1.5mm higher than that of the contrast, significantly better than that of the contrast. From the second application to the pre-harvest survey on April 11, the diameter of fruit in the expansion scheme was 21.53mm, and that in the contrast was 17.71mm. The fruit growth from 0 to 30 days was 8.84mm in the scheme and 6.60mm in the contrast. The swelling effect was very significant. And late coloring normal, bright color, quality.

Sheet 1. Myrica rubra expansion scheme effect





transverse diameter




transverse diameter




transverse diameter



Expansion scheme of bayberry-Expansion effect


Contrast 0day                               30days


Zhengshi Scheme 0day                        30days

Expansion scheme of bayberry-Expansion effect

The application of 6-benzylaminopurine in young fruit stage of waxberry could promote the growth and development of fruit, increase the size of fruit, increase the yield, and have no adverse effect on the color and ripening time of fruit. 6-Benzylaminopurine formulation product:Plants Expansion”Obtained China "green food production materials certification trademark", safe use without residue.