6-Benzylaminopurine(6-BA) Experiment of its effect on the green preservation and decay of tobacco isolated leaves



6-BA can delay the senescence of Xanthium tobacco leaves in vitro. It was found that the concentration of 6-BA was closely related to the effect of delaying the senescence of Xanthium tobacco leaves in a certain concentration range. The results showed that tobacco leaf was also a good test material. Combined with the test conditions, the diagonal and half side of tobacco leaf was selected to carry out the 6-BA green extension and aging test to show the activity of 6-BA. The experiment was carried out under the condition of dark and avoid light. Under the condition of no light, chlorophyll was degraded gradually, but the part of 6-BA was degraded slowly, while the control part was degraded quickly, and the leaves were yellow and dried up early.

2% 6-BA Experiment of its effect on the green preservation and decay of tobacco isolated leaves

Test time and place: 2020.12, Henan Crop Chemical Control Engineering Technology Research Center 

Varieties: Tobacco (Ripe leaves)

Application method:The ripe leaves of tobacco were evenly divided or quartered along the mid-venation. 6-BA liquid (13-40mg/L) was applied on the left side or diagonal. Then the leaves were moisturized and placed in the dark at room temperature.

Test Result: Use 6-BA. By treating with this method and stored in the dark for 1-3 weeks, the effect of green preservation and decay was very obvious. It can be seen that when isolated tobacco leaves were placed in the dark for about a week, the leaf color of the area coated with 6-BA was significantly different from that of the control area, and the control area turned yellow, while the treated area was obviously green. After continued placement, the chlorophyll content of benzylaminopurine treated drug was 2-5 times that of the control 13 days, and the difference was significant. 16-21 days after the drug, the control part dried up and died, while the coated part was still green.

0day                                                   8days                                                         13days

Photo 1 Variation of leaf color in different periods of diagonal coating


0day                                3days                           6days                            9days

Photo 2 Variation of leaf color in isolated leaves of half-coated tobacco(6BA is smeared on the left side)

Therefore, it can be seen from the bioassay of tobacco leaves in separation that 6-BA has a significant effect on delaying chloroplast degradation, which can delay the senescence and prolong the shelf life of crops after picking, and has important application value.

Photo 3 The SPAD value of 6BA was smeared on the contralateral side