Demonstration of the effect of the grape of 6-Benzylaminopurine on strong bud and ear



Grapes, especially in the early cultivation area, are often affected by low temperature and other adverse factors due to insufficient nutrient storage in the previous year, weak tree strength, unstable external temperature at the germination stage, and so on, resulting in weak winter bud germination, irregular bud germination, inconvenience to management and inconsistent maturity; The germinated flower panicle is easy to degenerate, resulting in the phenomenon of "running flower". In some years, even the phenomenon of re-germination occurs in the stubble of farmers, which causes a great loss to the yield and income of farmers

In order to further verify the effect of the Zhengshi product combination of 6-BA on strong buds and strong ears of grapes, the following demonstration experiments were carried out in Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, the main planting area of early maturing summer black grapes:

Photo 1 Promote early cultivation and weak flower ear

Photo 2 Germination of late in the middle of shack. The shoot is weak, the edge germinates early, the bud is not neat.

   Photo 3 The flower ear of grape degenerated

Demonstration of the effect of sprouting and spiking of summer black grape

Test time and place: August 21-27, 2020, Jianshui County, Yunnan Province   

Varieties: Summer black grape

Application method: Foliar spray once in 4-5 leaf spread period

Test Result: The growth of the control area was similar in the 0 day treatment area. After 6 days, the growth promotion effect was obvious in the treatment area, and the average shoot length was 29cm in the scheme area and 23cm in the contrast area. The increase of spike length of the scheme and the contrast was 3.8 cm and 2.6cm, respectively. The scheme had strong branches, dark green leaves and strong spike growth.


0 day of contrast competitive product Zhengshi Scheme   6days of contrast competitive product Zhengshi Scheme

Sheet 1 Difference in spike length and shoot length growth at 6 days after treatment /cm





Tip length increment

23.3765±1.0646 b

28.9000±1.0150 a

Ear length increment

2.6294±0.2568 b

3.8000±0.1696 a

Through series of demonstration tests, it can be clearly seen that 6-Benzylaminopurine (10-20mg/L) and its combination have high safety for post-pompom stage grapes, which can effectively promote the growth and robustness of buds, promote the healthy growth of grape ears in the early maturing area, avoid inflorescence degradation, and provide guarantee for high quality and high yield of grapes.