Experiment of Brassinolide Promoting Bean Elongation



Beans are 1-year-old vegetable of leguminous cowpea. Also known as cowpea, beans, etc. It is rich in protein, carotene, high nutritional value and good taste. It is one of the popular vegetables widely cultivated in northern China, and its popularity ranks first among all kinds of vegetables. But many farmers reflect that, beans in the growth cycle prone to not long straight problem, resulting in poor sales.

The study found that the factors leading to the above phenomenon may be poor quality of beans, early boron deficiency, high temperature, incomplete fertilization and so on. The agent that promote the elongation of beans have been applied in production. Among them, brassinolide showed good activity. 28-homobrassinolide has multiple physiological activities such as promoting plant cell elongation, cell division and cell growth, and has excellent characteristics of low dosage and outstanding effect. It has been verified on dozens of crops in many countries.

In order to further optimize the formulation and verify the effect of 28-homobrassinolide, ZS-CHEM Crop-Tech Department conducted a test of elongated beans in Xinmi City, Henan Province in June 2021.


Experiment of 0.01%28-homobrassinolide promoting bean elongation

Test time: June 9, 2021

Crop variety: bean

Test product: 0.01% 28-homobrassinolide

Test method: investigate the bean pod length 2 and 9 days after use

Test results: 28-homobrassinolide active ingredient using 0.05-0.1mg/L, it has a significant effect on the elongation of beans. Measure the length of beans before applying the drug, and measure the length of beans again on the 9th day. It can be clearly seen that the growth of beans in ZS-CHEM scheme is 40.61cm, while the control is 38.03cm. The experimental observation shows that the use of 28-homobrassinolide has no other side effects on the bean itself, and it is safety.

Table 1 Effect of brassinolide and other treatments on pod length of beans   


ZS-CHEM scheme


0d Pod length

3.63±0.09 a

3.51±0.1 a

0-9d increase

40.61±1.27 a

38.03±1.08 b








ZS-CHEM scheme



Using 28-homobrassinolide not only achieves the purpose of elongating beans, but also has the excellent effect of increasing yield and quality and increasing bean resistance. In order to ensure the normal growth of beans and yield, the planting of beans need to select good varieties, reasonable and scientific field management methods, and reasonable fertilization.