Matters needing attention



1. Strengthen management of fertilizer and water.

And this is where we get more and more fertilizer. Mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by fertilizer; Apply the base fertilizer again, apply the right amount of fertilizer; Attention should be paid to the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in combination and the use of microfertilizers. Do not apply sensitive fertilizer to fruit trees to regulate growth.

Water is administered by science. The period of preserving flowers and preserving fruits and improving fruit setting rate is the time when the fruit trees need more water. Irrigation should not be carried out in the hot midday sun, but in the evening or in the morning.

2. Strengthen tree management.

Fructus solanum l. Fruit trees with too many fruits and flowers should be sparsely flowered and fruit-sparing. The amount of fruit and fruit-sparing should be determined according to the specific tree situation.

Parliamentary pressing controls summer tips. The rapid growth of summer shoots can be controlled by means of water spray of fruit treasures or by means of new shoot core extraction, so as to promote reproductive growth and increase yield.

Press and reasonable pruning. Pruning can reduce shading and enhance photosynthesis. It is generally carried out in combination with fruit-harvesting or fruit-sparing. It can cut off weak branches, dead branches, crossed branches and diseased branches, short branches with strong growth and reach the goal of expanding fruits.

3. Strengthen pest control.

And we're looking at the prevention and control period. According to the law of occurrence and development of diseases and insect pests, timely use of drugs to prevent and control the diseases and insect pests in the key period of prevention and control, so as to reduce the harm of diseases and insect pests.

Chemical compounds are used reasonably. First, the selection of low toxicity and high efficiency pollution-free pesticides; Second, the concentration should not be too high according to the instructions of pesticide use. Third, pay attention to prevention and control method, do not apply insecticide in flowering period, spray medicine should not be carried out in rainy day or high temperature, do not apply sensitive pesticide of fruit tree.