China approved 68 chlorantraniliprole registrations, being mostly mixtures with clothianidin




Chlorantraniliprole is a novel anthranilic diamide systemic insecticide with a broad insecticidal spectrum, applicable to a large variety of crops.

The product is long-lasting, with high activity, low toxicity, and good biosafety, without cross resistance with mainstream insecticides available on the market. It is compatible with major insecticides, having attracted a high degree of attention from industry players at home and abroad.

Chlorantraniliprole’s patent expired on August 13, 2022, and several registrations are foreseen.

According to ICAMA, China has previously granted a total of 68 chlorantraniliprole registrations, covering six technicals and 62 formulations, which include 19 single agents and 43 mixtures, as shown in the table below as a reference.

Table 1   Chlorantraniliprole mixtures already registered

Table 2   Crops for application and control target of registered chlorantraniliprole mixture