"Celebrating a harvest and promoting harmony and beauty" - Zhengshi Chemical will talk with you about "harvest" scenery




The Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival is not only a festival for hundreds of millions of farmers to celebrate a bumper harvest and bask in a bumper harvest, but also a festival for the whole society to enjoy a bumper harvest and help increase income. It begins with hope, ends in abundance, from the expectation of sowing seeds to the joy of returning grains to the warehouse, is the reward of autumn for people's hard work. The blue wheat waves, the golden rice, the heavy cotton... Each harvest expresses awe and gratitude for nature, praises the hard work of farmers, and exudes a sense of happiness as an agricultural practitioner. In the face of the "cold wave" weather that has not been encountered in 60 years, and the "rotten rain" on the eve of the harvest, we have taken multiple measures to resolutely resist the important task of food security; In summer, with high temperatures and rain, severe floods, and rampant pests and diseases, we went deep into the fields to formulate targeted prevention and control plans, focusing on "making up for summer with autumn", fully implementing the action of increasing autumn grain production and winning a  harvest, and going all out to ensure a bumper harvest of autumn grain.

A strong country must first strengthen the peasants, and only when the peasants are strong can the country be strong. As a big agricultural country, China's total grain output ranks first in the world, far surpassing that of other countries. However, from the perspective of the modernization level of the agricultural industry chain and the scale and strength of enterprises, "big but not strong" has always been a major bottleneck facing the development of modern agriculture in China, and there are still many problems and challenges in agricultural development. In 2023, the Central Document No. 1 for the first time put forward the construction of an "agricultural power" as a priority. Driven by policy support, technology application, demand upgrading and other factors, agricultural development has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. Plant growth regulator is one of the most promising areas in agricultural science and technology, an important content to promote the development of modern agriculture, a key breakthrough in "storing grain in technology", and an important help to promote the development of China's agriculture in the direction of green and efficient, product safety, resource conservation and environmental friendliness.

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Zhengshi Chemical has always focused on scientific research innovation and application promotion in the field of plant growth regulators. Adhering to the principle that science and technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first driving force, and constantly increase investment in product research and development, Zhengshi Chemical introduces doctors and masters from top domestic scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Agricultural University to build a high-quality scientific research team. Continuously strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, successively carry out industry-university-research cooperation with China Agricultural University, Nankai University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Zhengzhou University and other universities, accumulate technological advantages, and have successively won the national award "Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award First Prize", Henan Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize and many other national and provincial honorary awards.

Celebrate a good harvest and promote harmony and beauty. Safeguarding food security is an eternal topic, building an agricultural power is the due meaning and important support of a modern power, at the important moment of the beginning, Zhengshi Chemical continues to consolidate the foundation of high-quality development, constantly optimize product layout, increase talent reserves, formulate crop solutions in a targeted manner, explore applied technology research, and escort food security.

Gold and "jade" are full of halls, auspicious times have "rice" and "pepper" like fire, "grape" is self-satisfied... In the sixth China Farmers' Harvest Festival, Zhengshi Chemical is willing to share the joy of harvest with the majority of farmers and talk about a better future.