Prohexadione calcium raw material of Zhengzhou Zhengshi Chemical Co., Ltd passed the equivalent registration evaluation in the European Union



            On May 22, 2024, Zhengzhou Zhengshi Chemical Co., Ltd. obtained the EU equivalent registration approval of Prohexadione calcium, registration number UKZUZ 090029/2024.


          As a novel plant growth regulator, the major degradants in the environment are carbon dioxide and water. Compared with traditional quaternary ammonium salts and triazole retardants, prohexadione calcium is safer and more environmentally-friendly, being widely used on apple and cherry crops, with minimal impact on flowers and fruits. Zhengshi Chemical’s research in the application of prohexadione calcium to more than 20 crops, including apple, grape, cherry, strawberry, wheat, peanut and rice, resulted in the remarkable effects of regulating plant growth, facilitating flowering, and increasing quality and yield.

          At present, Zhengzhou Zhengshi Chemical co.,ltd has obtained the pesticide registration certificate of 5% Prohexadione calcium WP, 15% Prohexadione calcium WDG, 30% Prohexadione calcium ·Uniconazole WDG and other preparations.