Demonstration of lengthening and swelling of mango with Forchlorfenuron (KT-30, CPPU)



Tainong mango has good color, fragrance and taste. Nutritious, mango flesh juicy, delicious, both peach, apricot, plum and apple taste, loved by the majority of consumers. Under the condition of natural cultivation, bad Parthenon mango pollination fertilization produce no embryo fruit, these mature without embryo fruit grow in natural single fruit weight is 50 g of the following, and after the use of Forchlorfenuron(KT-30)  and other plant growth regulator, mature harvest when the average weight of more than 100g, effectively improve the production of mango, but regulator is critical to the use of technology, Use period, dosage is not correct often will cause fruit drop, stiff fruit and other phenomena.

Therefore, Crop technology Department of Zhengshi Chemical has carried out a large number of experiments to explore the drug technology of Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) on mango.



KT-30 Treatment



Experiment on swelling and lengthening of mango with Forchlorfenuron(KT-30)

Test time and place: Tianyang county, Baise city, Guangxi province, 17th April June-20th June, 2018

Varieties: Tainong mango

Test Product: 0.1% Forchlorfenuron(KT-30)

Test Method: Spraying was started 20 days after withered, and spray the whole plant 6 days apart.

Test EffectAfter using 0.1% Forchlorfenuron(KT-30). The average fruit length and width of Zhengshi scheme were 12.54mm and 4.62mm higher than those of the contrast, the yield per plant was 15.23kg higher than that of the contrast, and the average fruit weight per plant was 19.20g higher than that of the contrast. The mango fruit surface was fine and smooth, without spot, meeting the demand of commercial fruit, and the mango market time was earlier. Increase household income

Sheet 1 Effect of Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) on the expansion and elongation of mango


Spary 61days

fruit lengthmm

Spary 61days

fruit widthmm


plant yieldkg

Single fruit


KT-30 Treatment 














Measuring data in field


KT-30 Treatment


Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) can be used in the period of mango swelling, and the mango fruit can be used in the size of mung bean. The time interval is 6-7 days. Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) can effectively promote the elongation and expansion of mango, especially the Tainan cultivar, increase the weight of single fruit, increase the yield and income. The recommended dose of Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) is 1-5mg/L. Combined use with other regulators can achieve better results, different varieties and regions have different usage and dosage, so each region needs to be small scope verification before promotion and application.