Forchlorfenuron (KT-30, CPPU)promotes grape enlargement



Summer black grape soft and juicy, rich fragrance, is a deeply people like grapes, but under natural conditions, black grapes in the summer of natural fruit grain of small, weight is 3-5 grams, short of goods fruit single grain more than 8 g requirements, so as to increase production, promote the fruit enlargement, the use of plant growth regulator is needed to promote summer black grapes), so as to improve its production and commodity value.

In actual use, the dosage of expanding agentia is very critical, the dose is too low to achieve the effect, the dose is too high easy to cause greedy late ripening, even fruit cracking, not durable storage and transportation and a series of side effects. Therefore, the expansion of summer black grape needs a more accurate, safe and efficient scheme. Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) is widely used on grapes in China and abroad, and has high activity, good stability and long lasting effect. In order to further clarify the application effect of Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) on summer black grapes, the following experiments were carried out in Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, the main producing area of summer black grapes.

0.1%Forchlorfenuron(KT-30)Demonstration of swelling of summer black grapes

Test time and place: Shiping County, Yunnan Province

Varieties: Black grapes

Test Product: 0.1% Forchlorfenuron

Time of test: March 11, 2018

dispense in field


0day Zhengshi schemeTreatment)

0day Contrast

18days Zhengshi schemeTreatment)

18days Contrast

36days Zhengshi schemeTreatment)

36days Contrast

Sheet 10.1% Forchlorfenuron treatment 36days, summer black grapes increase in transverse diameter


increase in transverse diameter(mm

Zhengshi Scheme




Each treatment was randomly labeled with 20 clusters of fruit ears, and the labeled fruit grains of each ear were measured. Through analysis, it was obvious that the treatment area was significantly different from the control area, which proved that Zhengshi 0.1% Forchlorfenuron ® had a significant effect on the expansion of summer black grape.

The application of 0.1% Forchlorfenuron in the range of 200-500 times (2-5mg/L) has a good swelling effect on summer black grape, and the combination with other plant growth regulators has a better effect. The dosage should be adjusted appropriately in different areas, and then promoted after a small range of verification.