Demonstration of the effect of Forchlorfenuron (KT-30, CPPU) on expanding and increasing yield of kiwifruit



Kiwifruit must be pollinated and fertilized before normal fruit development. The fruit development of Chinese macaque pick and delicious kiwifruit takes 120 to 180 days, there are three obvious stages, the first stage takes 40 to 50 days, this period is mainly cell division, the volume and fresh weight of the fruit can be increased to 70% to 80% of the mature. After that, there is a slow growth period, which takes about 50 days. During this period, the growth rate of the fruit is slow because the endocarp and fruit core cells expand slowly. Then comes the second stage, which mainly consists of rapid expansion and growth of pericarp and core cells, and is also the period of fruit dry matter accumulation. Therefore, according to the law of fruit growth, plant growth regulators should be used in the first stage to promote cell division, increase the number and volume of cells, so as to enlarge the fruit.

In May 2019, the Crop Technology Department of Zhengshi Chemical carried out the experiment of Forchlorfenuron(KT-30) promoting fruit expansion in Caijiaya Village, Shoushan Town, Meishan County, Shanxi Province.

Demonstration of kiwifruit to promote fruit enlargement


Test time and place: Mei county, Shanxi Province, May 29th, 2019

Varieties: Xuxiang kiwifruit

Test Product and method: Drangon Strong 0.2% Gibberellic acid+0.1% Forchlorfenuron dipped artificially 15-20 days after flowering

Test effectAfter 27 days of use, it can obviously promote fruit enlargement and increase yield. The transverse diameter increase of Drangon Strong ® and contrst was 19.11 mm and 16.8mm, respectively. The longitudinal diameter was increased by 21.44 mm and 18.12mm, respectively. Long Strong  ® was significantly better than the control in both transverse and longitudinal diameters.



Lengthways diameter

Crosswise diameter

Drangon Strong

21.44±0.49 a

19.11±0.21 a

Blank Contrast

18.12±0.63 b

16.80±0.43 b



Demonstration of kiwifruit swelling effectC is treatmentA is contrast



        Expand soak treatment of fruit in May, 2019       Fruit diameter measurement of kiwifruit in May 2019

Forchlorfenuron (KT-30) is used in kiwifruit swelling, generally recommended 5-10mg/L, can effectively expand the fruit, increase the weight of each fruit, improve the yield. When using different varieties, the dosage and time should be adjusted, and the application should be promoted after a small scale test.