Forchlorfenuron (KT-30, CPPU) Promote the effect demonstration of strawberry flower bud differentiation



After 20-30 days strawberry transplanting, strawberry began to grow vigorously, when goes into the cool autumn season. Seedlings goes into the middle period of growth, at this time the plant has entered the flower bud differentiation. Flower bud differentiation is a key period in strawberry production. The number of flowering fruit set and yield of strawberry are closely related to flower bud differentiation, which can directly affect the yield of strawberry.

In October 2020, the crop technology team of Zhengshi Chemical Industry carried out the experiment of Forchlorfenuron strawberry flower bud promotion in Henan Province Crop Chemical Control Engineering Technology Research Center.


Forchlorfenuron (KT-30, CPPU) Promote the effect demonstration of strawberry flower bud differentiation test

Test time and place: October 2022, Henan Crop Chemical Control Technology Research Center

Strawberry varieties: Red Face

Test Product: 0.1% Forchlorfenuron (KT-30) 

Test Method: Strawberry 3-5 leaf stage test reagent 500-1000 times (1-40mg/L) diluted with water to the specified dose, spray evenly on the leaf surface of a small watering can.

Test Result: Can effectively promote the flower bud differentiation of strawberry, increase the fruit number of strawberry, and improve the yield of strawberry. At 30 days, the flowering rates was 40% and 12.5% for contrast. The number of flowers per plant was 0.625 and 0.125, respectively. The effect of promoting flower bud differentiation was obvious.

Sheet 1 Effect of Forchlorfenuron (KT-30) on strawberry flowering and other indexes




0day Flowering rate



30days Flowering rate



0-30days Increment of

flowering rate



30days Average number of individual plant flowers




Contrast                                                        Forchlorfenuron

Therefore, Forchlorfenuron is effective and safe in the differentiation of strawberry flower buds and can meet the ideal requirements. Different varieties and regions should be used in a small range of verification before promotion and application.