China Plant Protection "Double Fair" Leads the Green Development of the Industry



On November 22, the 34th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Machinery Fair (hereinafter referred to as China Plant Protection " Double Fair "), co-sponsored by the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center and the Sichuan Agricultural and Rural Department, opened in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Focusing on the strategy of Rural Revitalization and highlighting the concept of green development, the exhibition focused on the theme of "green plant protection, quality and agriculture revitalization". It gathered more than 1,100 exhibitors from home and abroad who are among the top 10 in the global agrochemical industry and the top 50 in the domestic agrochemical industry. It set up more than 3,400 exhibitions with special, micro-special and standard exhibition booths, covering an area of 130,000 square meters, with over 200,000 exhibitors. The scale and influence of the 5A agricultural professional exhibition in this country have reached a new level.

Through exhibition, information exchange, trade negotiation, theme report, technical training and other forms, the exhibition will focus on building a sharing platform for information exchange, product trading and service cooperation for plant protection system, pesticide machinery industry and new business entities, giving full play to the development of the pesticide machinery industry "vane", "compass" for plant protection system innovation and the supply and demand of agricultural assets. Connect with the role of "big platform".

First, the green orientation is clear, leading the industrial upgrading. Holding high the guiding banner of agricultural green development and pesticide reduction and efficiency, a total of 8 exhibition areas including pesticides, new-type pharmaceuticals, agricultural services, agricultural e-commerce, biological pesticides and green prevention and control products, fertilizers and other comprehensive agricultural assets, packaging equipment, Sichuan green plant protection were set up. More than 30 green pesticides, green prevention and control products production and service enterprises were organized in the green prevention and control exhibition area to participate in the exhibition. 

The exhibition covers the products, technologies and services of the whole agrochemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries. It fully demonstrates the development potential and market prospects of green plant protection inputs with complete product categories, complete industrial chain and rich application scope.

Second, the activities are splendid and colorful, planning the development of the industry. In order to expand the influence of the "Double Fair" of plant protection in China, the Conference held the 2018 National Provincial Plant Protection (Plant Inspection) Station (Bureau) President Meeting and the National Plant Protection Information and Pesticide Machinery Extension Training Course at the same time, summarized and exchanged the experience and effectiveness of plant protection and plant inspection work, studied and analyzed the new situation and new tasks facing the plant protection industry, and planned to promote the development of plant protection and plant inspection system.

At the same time, seven high-level forums of high-grade, high-level and authoritative were held. The academicians and experts gathered together. The industry associations showed their proficiency and the elite enterprises made great efforts to promote them. They played a role in broadening horizons, learning from others, inspiring innovation and planning for the future. Thirdly, the exchange platform is vast to promote the docking of supply and demand. With the help of the platform of the exhibition, the organizers and co-sponsors of the exhibition held many special information conferences on the occurrence trend of crop diseases and insect pests, the progress of research and development of prevention and control technology, and the market demand of pesticide machinery. The pesticide machinery manufacturers, distributors and social services of plant protection at the exhibition organized nearly 100 business talks, new product launches, production and marketing docking, business friendship and other activities. Actively, to achieve seamless docking between supply and demand, so that many enterprises can find business opportunities. In addition, the establishment of a "palm plant protection meeting", the opening of China's "double fair" Weixin, thematic network, online and offline combination, for the production, supply and marketing parties docking provides a "never ending" platform.