"Breaking the cocoon of new life, gathering and win-win" - Zhengshi Chemical successfully held the 2023 new employee development training



On September 13-14, Zhengzhou Zhengshi Chemical Products Co., Ltd. organized a two-day outward bound training activity in which more than 100 new employees from different departments and branches participated. The purpose of this event is not only to allow new employees to better integrate into the cultural atmosphere of Zheng, but also to strengthen the sense of teamwork, enhance cohesion and centripetal force, and establish more efficient working relationships. During the event, Chairman Professor Zheng Xianfu personally attended the training site and participated in the activity, eating and having fun with everyone, and the activity as a complete success.

At the Xinxiang Wolongyan Training Base, the new employees experienced the process of teamwork to complete the task through various challenges and training. It not only strengthens the body, but also strengthens the sense of discipline and feels the strength of the team.

During the training, the new employees fully demonstrated excellent teamwork spirit and personal hard work. They encouraged each other, advanced and retreated together, and overcame one difficulty and challenge after another.

The concentric pole seems simple. Each person uses one finger. Without leaving the hand on the pole, he can steadily lower the pole from the height of the eyebrows to the ground. After repeated failures, everyone realizes the importance of teamwork. Although the pole is light, , only when all team members are in sync and have strong execution ability can they complete the task smoothly and efficiently.

Life support, although the strength of one person is not great, but when everyone gathers under the team flag, with a common belief, everyone carries the responsibility on their shoulders, unites together, bursts out a powerful force, resists the impact of the outside world again and again, and uses strong force to raise the brightly colored team flag. Let everyone understand that in the fierce market competition, everyone must strive forward in their respective positions, whether it is production, sales or other positions, and the company with honor and disgrace, common progress and retreat in order to fly the banner and create brilliance.

Set sail, one by one, one by one, through everyone's joint creation, a big ship riding the wind and waves is displayed in front of everyone, when the sails slowly rise, everyone's heart is extremely proud and proud to be a member of the giant ship of Zhengshi Chemical. We also deeply realize that under the leadership of Captain Zheng, each of us spares no effort to give full play to our personal advantages and create greater value, and the giant ship of Zhengshi Chemical can carry everyone's dreams and go steadily.

The final graduation wall, a seemingly impossible task, ended up with more than a hundred people climbing it with their bare hands in just 18 minutes. This is a concentrated embodiment of the team's strength and wisdom, everything is for the final victory of the team, do not abandon, do not give up, some people are willing to be ladders, some people try their best to lift, some people are hoarse... Touching scenes appeared in just ten minutes. When I saw the bruises on the shoulders of the team members who were in the human ladder, it was with their silent dedication that everyone was able to reach that impossible height and complete the impossible task.

This new employee development training not only effectively improves and strengthens everyone's psychological quality, promotes communication and cooperation between employees, but also allows new employees to deeply appreciate the inseparable relationship between individuals and teams, employees and the company, stimulate more high work enthusiasm and motivation for hard work and innovation, make everyone more cohesive, and at the same time deepen the recognition of new employees for Zhengshi Chemical, and accelerate everyone's better integration into the Zhengshi Chemical family.

"Breaking the cocoon of new life, gathering and win-win" The 2023 Zhengshi Chemical New Employee Development Training was a complete success. At present, it is at the critical stage of the company's transformation and upgrading from a medium-sized enterprise to a large enterprise, and from a single company to a group company. The new employees have injected new vitality into the company, and I believe that in the near future, they will show their unique style in their respective positions, help the company develop with high quality, and create a better future.