Gather strength and compete in thousands of sails, ride the wind and waves to compose a new chapter--- ZS-CHEMICAL successfully held 2022 Elite training camp



In September, autumn wind to send cool. To strengthen enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness, help new employees into the company, increase the new staff to the enterprise culture identity and belonging, On Sep 2-3th, ZHENGZHOU ZHENGSHI CHEMICAL CO., LTD successfully held " Gather strength and compete in thousands of sails, ride the wind and waves to compose a new chapter -- 2022 ZS-CHEMICAL elite training camp" in Dengfeng.

The training camp closely focuses on the development of our company, divided into symbiotic article, co-creation article and win-win article, respectively corresponding to the company's initial stage, brand building stage and future development prospects. During the two-day training camp, all participants were divided into eight teams and participated in "Transcendental Military Training", "Excellence Team", "dry land Curling", "Crafty Domino" and "Grateful Heart".

▲ Transcendental Military Training

The symbiotic article

In symbiotic article, we reviewed the hardships and difficulties in the early days of the company through the narration of the older generation of employees. All the participants were deeply moved by the indomitable and tenacious belief of the older generation. In "Excellence Team" and "dry land Curling", Under the leadership of the captain, each team practiced repeatedly, broke through themselves and stepped out of the comfort zone again and again, creating a Wolf team that cooperated and kept pace with each other. At the same time, it also strengthened everyone's overall concept and sense of teamwork.

▲ Excellent team

▲Dryland curling

The co-creation article
In co-creation article, we feel the company brand is not easy to create through the domino project. Domino is a delicate project that extremely tests team cooperation. In the process of construction, we need to be careful and pull the whole body together. Even a small touch will "paralyze" the whole built work. We experienced failure again and again, again and again to start, there will be disappointed in the process, there will be irritable, there will be the idea of giving up, but we did not give up, in the team members mutual encouragement, full cooperation, finally completed a huge "picture scroll".

Win-win article

In the win-win chapter, we completed the " Rough life road" project together. The "talking blind man" went through a bumpy journey with the careful help of the "seeing dumb man".

▲  Rough life road

The world today is marked by changes unseen in a century, the agricultural chemical industry reshuffle intensified; the market competition is increasingly fierce. The development of our company is just like rowing against the current, move forward, or you'll fall behind. Through this training, all the employees have deeply felt the difficulties of entrepreneurship and development of our company, and have formed the consensus of "strive for the best". we believe that everyone will be able to do business with Wolf spirit in the future work, and write a better development chapter of ZS-CHEMICAL together.