Zhengzhou Zheng Shi Chemical Products Co., Ltd. solemnly held the 2022 annual work summary and commendation conference



On the morning of January 15, 2023, the 2022 Annual Work summary and commendation Conference of Zhengzhou Zheng Shi Chemical Products Co., Ltd. was held in Zhongzhou International Hotel. Zheng Hao, the general manager of Zhengzhou Zheng Shi Chemical Products Co., LTD., and other deputy general managers and company executives attended the conference. Other employees of the company also witnessed the grand event through online live broadcast.

conference site

The conference kicked off with a rousing and inspiring song - The Song of ZS-CHEM. Zheng Hao, the general manager of ZS-CHEM,first made a summary of ZS-CHEM's 2022 annual work and 2023 Annual work deployment.The general manager,Zheng Hao pointed out that with the influence of the epidemic, as well as the adjustment of pesticide policy and the increasing competition in the industry, all the staff of the company worked together to overcome various difficulties and obstacles, thus  achieving good results in 2022.Our company's sales reached a new high with overall operation running well, Hebi branch reduced cost and increased efficiency.And Xiayi branch's new automatic production workshop and intelligent three-dimensional warehouse successfully run. Besides, ZS-CHEM won the first prize of Shennong Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology, Henan Province "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises and a series of qualifications and honors, and scientific research and development also has made remarkable achievements , which strongly assure the healthy development of company' business.

The report of the general manager of ZS-CHEM, Zheng Hao

While acclaiming the achievements, the general manager Zheng Hao also pointed out our company's existing problems such as weak basic management, low efficiency of the company's operation, the lack of Wolf spirit and other constraints on the development of the company.On the basis of facing the problems directly, general manager,Zheng Hao pointed out that the year of 2023 will be the year of full economic recovery, and also a key year for ZS-CHEM's Fifth Five-Year Plan. ZS-CHEM's key work is to start the listing work, to ensure sales and other basic management work.

Around general manager Zheng Hao's overall work deployment in 2023, our company's deputy general managers in turn summarized and planned the work in charge. Facing new opportunities and challenges, everyone was full of passion and confidence for the work next year.

The report of deputy general managers

At the commendation conference, ZS-CHEM praised the outstanding performance in 2022.The leaders of the company awarded trophies, bonuses and certificates of honor to 39 outstanding employees who were honored as outstanding department managers, outstanding directors, outstanding regional managers, outstanding employee, outstanding regional managers, outstanding regional assistant and outstanding new employees. At the same time, the representatives of outstanding employees made speeches combined their work and their own feelings. They shared their work stories and advanced experience, and thanked ZS-CHEN for providing a good development platform. They said that they would make persistent efforts to work steadily based on their positions and strive for further achievements.

Company leaders conferred awards upon outstanding employees

The speeches of the representatives of outstanding employees

The conference held a solemn and grand sales department writ awarding ceremony with the hope that every sales department in 2023 will try their best to go forward and exceed the established sales target.

Sales department writ awarding ceremony

At the end of the meeting, Zheng Hao, general manager of ZS-CHEM, made a conclusion.He expressed his appreciation for the work attitude of the employees of ZS-CHEM in the face of various difficulties in 2022. He also hoped that all of employees could seize the opportunity provided by the good environment of economic recovery this year to scale new heights and make new achievements.

In 2022, we overcame difficulties and fought against the epidemic.In 2023, we will seek development opportunities and be energetic to go sailing again with our dreams. Looking forward to 2023-a New Year with the new journey, let us unite in a concerted effort, affirming the direction, and fighting against all the difficulties and obstacles with full of ambition to draw the grand blueprint of the New Year!